My weightloss journey

Well, I’ll tell you something about my weight loss. What I want PicsArt_1419334409569you to know is, that I truly believe there are so many ways to lose weight, there’s not one right way to do it. I write about my story and what works for me and my visions about it, but what works for you might be something completely different! If you don’t agree with something, just say so, or ask me about it. I have lost 75 lbs/34 kg up to today, I started my journey on march 3rd 2014. If you want to know more about me and my struggles with losing weight, go to the ‘About me’ tab. Here on the right you can see my progress. I had already lost some weight when I took the first picture though! I really recommend taking pictures (even if it’s just for yourself), it’s so motivating to see yourself shrink!

So, my method of choice is Weightwatchers. There are a couple of reasons why I love it so much, I’ll try to break it down:

  1. Weightwatchers adjusts your caloric needs to your weight/height/age/gender, so, in the beginning you can actually eat more than when you’re close to goal. That’s also reasonable, because a smaller body needs less energy.
  2. Weightwatchers gives you the flexibility to eat more on some days, but it dictates you have to eat a certain amount of food every day, so you’ll always eat enough and don’t starve yourself.
  3. Weightwatchers lets you eat fruit and vegetables for ‘free’, which I think is a very good approach to stimulate you to eat more healthy food. Yes, there are calories in fruits too and no, it doesn’t give you permission to eat 100 bananas a day, because that’s just childish and you know that it’s not what weightwatchers meant.

There are also some downsides, the biggest one I think is that they don’t discriminate in their macro’s or on how you eat your daily allowed points. That’s also their strength I guess, because you can eat everything and it doesn’t give you the guilty feeling you’ll get when you ‘cheat’, because if you track your points it’s not cheating. Personally, I pay extra attention to eating enough protein. I also try to eat ‘clean’ on a daily basis, which is not something that weightwatchers controls. I try to stay away from light products, because usually they don’t taste like the real thing and are full of crap. I definitely eat ‘unhealthy’ stuff too, just not on a daily basis and usually it’s planned. I try to track everything, so even if I have an unplanned binge (yeah, still happens sometimes), I track all the cookies, wine and whatever I take. I’ve learned not to beat myself down for it, because really, that makes everything worse! I get back on the horse right after it and try to compensate with some extra exercise. And you know what.. it works! No major gains or setbacks happened!

IMG_20140810_154524What really helped my weight loss is the planning. I started to track my points before eating them, so I plan what I eat and know the amount of points in the food. Later in the progress I started making dinners for a couple of days, to overcome my tiredness in the evenings after work and making it easier for myself when I come home after a difficult day at work. It really worked for me and it kept me on track. After this, I also started to make breakfast for the whole week, just because it’s easy and time saving. My prepping evolved to the point where I currently prep all my meals and snacks for my workdays on Mondays (I work from Tuesday to Friday, and have 1-2 extra night/weekend shifts a week). If you want to know more about the prepping, visit the tab ‘Mealprep’, it’s coming up soon! I’ll post some mealplan and mealprep advise and mealprep breakdowns.

So, you see I started with the food part, because that’s really the most important thing when you want to lose weight! Now let’s talk about exercise!

From the beginning of my journey, I started weightlifting. I IMG_20141129_130549started with 2 total body sessions a week. I also got a Fitbit (a pedometer) to track my daily activity. I try to get 10.000 steps a day, but I don’t really get it every day, because sometimes I’m just too tired, and that’s ok. Later on, I progressed to 3 weightlifting sessions a week. I consulted a Personal Trainer at my gym and one of my friends boyfriend who is a PT as well. I also started a 10 min walk or 10 min elliptical training after the lifting. At one point, I thought I should start running and jumping. I started doing box jumps, jump rope and running on the treadmill. I used to have a hip injury, caused by running and bootcamp some years ago, and after 2 weeks of my new ‘high impact’ schedule I felt my hip injury again! From that moment I put myself on a strict low impact exercise ‘diet’, so no jumping or running and no incline on the treadmill. I also started foam rolling and stretching after working out. My hip pains disappeared very quickly!

My current schedule is as follows:

IMG_20141026_213558Monday: total body weightlifting, end with 10-15 minutes on elliptical

Tuesday: rest (but try to get 10k steps)

Wednesday: I try to go bouldering with my friend (It’s wall climbing without ropes, VERY fun!)

Thursday: total body weightlifting, end with 10-15 minutes on elliptical

Friday: rest (but again try to get 10k steps)

Saturday: total body kettlebell circuit, after that a couple of weightlifting exercises, end with elliptical

Sunday: 20 min fasted HIIT on elliptical after a 30 min warm-up walk on treadmill

I end every exercise with foam rolling and stretching. I take a protein shake after each exercise, after the fasted HIIT I add 10 gr of steelcut oats and 5 gr of BCAA to my protein shake. Currently I’m trying a bit of running again. My views on running when overweight/obese will be further talked about in the section about my views on things (coming up soon!).

What you can see is that I didn’t start with this program right away. Starting exercising 5 times a week from scratch can be very hard and the chance that you quit or get an injury is very high! I’m really happy I took it ‘slow’, by slowly raising the amount of exercise and the load during the exercises. As you can see I don’t do a lot of cardio. Yeah, I hate spending hours on those cardio machines and I’m not really a long distance runner. And that’s ok, I don’t need to be. I’ll talk more about weightlifting for losing weight in the section about my views (coming up soon!). IMG_20141004_154510

I’m currently 14 kg (31 lbs) away from goal. My goal is feeling fit and great in my body, so if I feel this before I hit my goalweight, I’ll not go for the goalweight, simple as that!

46 thoughts on “My weightloss journey

  1. First of all, accept my hearty congrats on keeping your eye on the prize; not easy and you’re doing it! Secondly, as a Marriage & Family Therapist, I’d love to know how weight has influenced your relationship. Self-esteem is so wrapped up in intimacy and weight this has got to be a significant issue. Is it?


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  2. Congratulations! You have clearly worked hard and really stuck with it! Beautiful before and after. And such an accomplished woman. Happy and Healthy 2015, now I’m going to go check out your recipes 🙂 Would you be interested in sharing one of your recipes on some time? I have a weekly healthy recipe page, we could add a link to your blog 🙂

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    • Thank you! Yeah, that would be great! I don’t have many recipes on my site right now, I just started this blog. But if you think one of my 2 current recipes are worth it, then yeah of course sharing would be great!


  3. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished in your journey! Being that I am at the same place in my journey, I could really relate to you. Thank you for sharing your journey and I look forward to future posts. Thanks for liking my first post – thats how I found you!

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  4. Youve done so well! As someone just starting their (huge) weightloss journey i am totally inspired by you and how dedicated u are! I look forward to more of your posts xx

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  5. Just a quick congrats on your current and continued success. Your plan is exceptional. Love the workouts!!! The fact that you understand macros and that food is 80% of the equation is outstanding. Great job!!! I’m going to follow your journey.

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  6. Awesome, truly awesome. You look fantastic and documenting your progress shows exactly why ‘stuff’ needs documenting. When I get my proper blog and websites up I will be referencing you, you are a role model and shining example to many. Keep it up.

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  8. Way to go! I’ve been on a similar weight loss journey as you and know the challenges and rewards well. I started at 247 and my first step was just calorie counting. I lost my first 70lbs that way and then switched to paleo, where I lost the rest of it. I’ve since gained a bit of it back. I had hip surgery and got very lax in every way I could. I’m regrouping now, doing a whole30 reboot and getting back under the barbell. Recovery is slow, but at least I’m on familiar territory now. Keep it up and I think your attitude of stopping when you feel fit and great in your body is perfect!

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  9. Bravo on your courageously brave journey and sharing with all of us ….

    Have you ever tried coupling your program with EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques? Jessica Ortner wrote book about her weight journey and how EFT – Tapping worked to help her stop emotional eating and get into health …. Here is her website:

    Personally, I love tapping for every thing … it is an amazing technique and easy to learn …..

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  10. So glad I stumbled upon this post. I am struggling to find a balance. The right plan. So instead of struggling I am just doing what I can and building on it. It makes me so happy and encouraged to know real people who have done this themselves. You are definitely an inspiration to me and I am sorry if I come across as I am stalking you. But you know by the end of my own journey I would have read your entire blog archives, links et al. Thank you once again!

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