What about that ‘Lifestyle’?

Lately, everybody seems to be talking about ‘it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle’. Today I want to look at this lifestyle change, why do we need it, what is it exactly and how do we achieve it?

So, a lot of people want to lose weight and get fit. What do we do, we choose a diet, we try to exercise more. We tend to see it as temporary, because we want to look fit for summer or look slim in our wedding dresses. But what we seem to miss, is that if you look at it as a temporary thing, you’ll risk sliding back to your old patterns and gain weight/get unfit again. Most of us seem to get this, so that’s why the ‘it’s a lifestyle’ phrase is becoming very popular. But what is it exactly? Because I see many people starting a diet and exercise routine and call it a lifestyle, but still talk about cheat weeks, planning to lose weight for their holidays (and gain everything back during their holiday), taking their car everywhere, talking about how to beat the scale by drinking only liquids on your weight in day, and watching Netflix all week (nothing against Netflix here… lol).

So what is changing your lifestyle exactly? For me, it starts with 1 thought: I have to control what I eat and exercise regularly for the rest of my life. This thought has led me to where I am today. A second thought also really helped me: life is a continuum of doing healthy and unhealthy things; the balance between them is what I try to reach. There is no ‘cheat day/week’, or this week I’m on holiday so I don’t have to care about my food/exercise. Or even more popular: I already screwed up this week, so I’ll have some more food this Screenshot_2014-07-27-11-57-44-1week and start again on Monday. We all like to see everything in a timely aspect, but let me tell you, the body doesn’t have a clock or a calendar. Time is handy in our world now, but too much stressed about. I’m going to translate a Dutch poem I once read: Time is invented by man, to count it and watch it go by. Only to not have to think about the fact, that it is us that go by! My message: see everything in a bigger perspective. Dividing your diet (ok, healthy lifestyle) into weeks and days and classify them as healthy or unhealthy is really a waste and unnecessary. Only drinking liquids so you can see a loss on the scale this week really seems silly to me. That’s only fooling yourself! (I’ll talk about that damn scale another time)

So how should we do it? Well, I only know how I do it and it really works for me. I do weigh myself every week and count my foods with the WW app. But, I don’t care what the scale says weekly, the bigger picture is more important. A total weight loss of almost 80lbs is what gets me, feeling so fit and healthy, having a lot of energy, being able to do more, seeing myself getting slimmer, having to buy new clothes because everything is too big, those are the things that matter. When I crave very salty soup on Sunday evening, I’ll still have it, even though I’ll see a massive gain on Monday due to the salt and water retaining. I don’t care, it doesn’t mean I’m less healthy or more fat! It’s the longterm habits and control over what you put in your mouth that determine how your continuum is going to look like.

This part was about the way we think, now let’s talk actions. Because really, achieving and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is more about that action! It’s about taking your bike to the gym instead of your car. It’s about helping your neighborhood’s barbeque and making sure there are healthy options to eat. And while you are helping them, you’re also arranging some sportive activities for the children. It’s about enjoying some unhealthy food and not feeling guilty about it or calling it ‘cheating’. It’s taking your kids out to the park or to play sports in the weekend. It’s about thoroughly enjoying your holiday and not gain weight because you found out you that it’s more about being together, seeing a lot of beautiful stuff and enjoying the surroundings. It’s about putting healthy food in your fridge all the time. It’s about educating your family and friends about the way you want to live your life and cut those out that can’t accept that. It’s about planning and prepping for those difficult days. It’s about fighting for what’s right for you, and by doing that, influencing everybody around you!

So how do you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself?


11 thoughts on “What about that ‘Lifestyle’?

  1. My weekly goal is no weighing myself before my meeting, and this really speaks to my motivation in trying to reframe the way I think about being on plan (which is a lifestyle change, as I will need to be on plan at goal, too). Also, it really helped to motivate me to stick with it! Great post!

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  2. Super post!
    Helemaal mee eens, helaas klopt het wel ik zat te veel Netflix (hihi) te kijken ipv te leven.
    Daarmee bedoel ik wandelen, sporten en/of me zus helpen met de kinderen of gewoon even niet op die bank zitten.
    Ik kijk veel filmpjes over afvallen, maar ja bijna niemand zegt stop met kijken en ga bewegen NU! hihi LOL
    Tuurlijk hebben we onze rust momenten nodig maar niet zo veel :p
    Bedankt voor je blog het helpt heel veel!

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    • Ik had precies hetzelfde, ook veel op mijn kont en weinig leven in de brouwerij! Ik vind het leven nu echt veel leuker met een beetje actie! En af en toe inderdaad rust, maar dan maak ik er ook echt een momentje van, heerlijk! x


  3. Yeah once you get into the habit of being healthy, the occasional lapse really doesn’t matter. You get to a point where you don’t even want to lapse because you no longer crave sugar and grease and because lazing in front of the TV is suddenly boring, and because a while day being hungover means no trip to the gym! I like my healthy lifestyle though I have friends who think I’m nuts. At least I’m not the only one!


  4. You couldn’t have put it better. Lately I’ve been struggling with dealing with people who are about “cheat days,” and try to influence me that it’s OK to eat this bad thing or that, and that “there’s always tomorrow.” Thanks for putting things back into perspective!


  5. I loved your post. You really hit the nail on the head with this. What finally worked for me was focusing on what I can DO instead of my appearance. Jut the mind switch to focusing on physical fitness and endurance made all the difference. I wish I could help those with unhealthy habits who fall off the band wagon and give up or spend weeks eating only cabbage but we all have to find it on our own.

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  6. Liked the post- My lifestyle change is just portion control. I dont diet. After 40 years of struggling with diets- losing and gaining, on and on, I cried out to God in desperation and now I have lost 71 pounds at age 62. And yes, i do eat deserts. That is my lifestyle change. I just quit eating 24/7 and now eat only three meals with half portions. It worked for me. Wished I had asked God to help me at age 22 versus age 62. LOL! Guess better late than never. Sigh.

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  7. Hello Floordeboor, thank you for visiting my blog. This is a wonderful post. It took me 40 years to figure this out. I have always told people that I dieted myself into being fat. From the age of 13 and weighing 123 pounds I started trying to lose weight. I spent a lot of time in the weight room in high school. I loved to ski, I ran and played tennis. I even had a gym membership. I was OK until I was 20 and pregnant. After the baby I started to do fad diets, I lost and then gained back more…..every single time….until I weighed over 400 pounds by 2010.

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