Clean eating

So what is this ‘clean eating’ everybody is talking about? It certainly isn’t cleaning your food really well before eating lol! But I’ve found so many definitions and ‘rules’ for clean eating, it kind of gets a forest of information out there and you’ll not know what to follow. In no way I say my own vision is the right or correct one, I’m just going to say something about how I envision clean eating (aka just healthy eating in general).

Paleo-vs-Clean-EatingWhen  you look up clean eating on the internet, you’ll find a lot of lists of food to avoid, or even worse, food that’s forbidden. You’ll find a 30 day clean eating cleanse or the ‘whole 30’, which is practically the same to me, or the Paleo diet. Personally, I believe in moderation. Yes, of course, I would love to be able to eat clean 100% of the time, but then life happens and social situations occur and there’s also the inner fat girl that just wants to eat pizza and drink wine. So I’ve learned the hard way that by forbidding myself to eat something ‘unclean’ I will end up eating a truckload of it, so that doesn’t work for me personally.

Of course, there are foods that I’d rather not eat and are ‘unclean’ in my eyes, which is to me simply everything that’s been processed. It comes down to: all types of bread and pasta, white rice, all types of dairy, processed meats like burgers or sausages, all ‘diet’ products, anything with white flour or sugar in it, like cookies or nutella, fast food and probably some other things I forgot to mention. I’d rather not eat dairy because it seems unnatural to me to take another species mother milk that’s meant for its baby, but that doesn’t mean I never take it, because cheese is one of my weaknesses. (I know generally dairy is allowed in the ‘clean eating society’.)

So to me, it’s all about that balance, I try to eat as natural as possible, but allow myself to eat certain unclean things on a daily/weekly basis.

So why is this important?

Well, to start, clean and whole foods contain a lot of nutrients. Yes, a nice big steak contains more calories than a skinny chicken sausage, but have you read the labels of those sausages? Most of them only contain 40-50 % meat, they add all kind of things (mostly white flour and other unclean things). In the end, you’ll get more nutrients (protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals) from the steak than you’ll get from the sausage. If you look at losing weight, people might choose the sausage because it contains less calories. I think this is a very important mistake many make! We are surrounded by ‘diet’ products, low fat this, sugar free that….. and they all try to convince us it’s healthy. You might be able to lose weight with it, but at what cost? It’s time for us to stand up to those big brands and say: NO! We want real food and if I decide to take something ‘unclean’, I’ll go for the real deal, full fat/sugar dark chocolate and wine, or a really cheesy pizza.

Basis for a clean and healthy lifestyle:

Vegetables, fruit, legumes/beans, whole meat, whole fish, eggs, nuts/seeds, whole grains (including brown rice) and starchy veg/roots like (sweet) potatoes.

16 thoughts on “Clean eating

  1. My own “rules” such as they are come down to a fairly strict-ish interpretation of Paleo, with exceptions for additives that stop certain things killing me, such as the “E” numbers in sausages, etc.

    Otherwise, I believe in listening to your body. It’s as smart as hell, and will tell you what it wants if you let it.

    Mine, for example, tells me to avoid all dairy products, which it does by making me nauseous even by the sight of them… 😀

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    • Lol, that would be nice if I could get nauseated by the looks of blue cheese 😉😉 I totally agree with listening to your body, I’m still fine tuning and trying stuff to see what works for me, it’s a very fun and exciting journey!


  2. You’re talking a lot of sense here. I think the reason the term ‘clean eating’ is spreading like wildfire is because people can make money from new trends – books, advice, resources, courses! Ultimately living a balanced life with careful consideration in the sourcing of food has been some peoples way of life for ages! That said, if it’s a term people are looking for and can source motivation from I think it’s a good thing.

    How is your whole journey going? I was interested by your original story.

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  3. Ive just started clean eating after coming off some horrific medication. Im hoping itll make me a healthier, more energetic person and will help with shifting the 3stone i put on as a result of the meds.
    Love reading about your journey and posts like this really help me!! Thank you! Xx

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  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is definitely about balance and eating real, whole foods. I have a similar philosophy; after much research I have discovered that our bodies are designed to process certain foods and the chemicals within them. When it comes to “processed” foods with man-made or man-derived chemicals our bodies simply do not know what to do. Great article!

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  5. Reblogged this on Natural Holistic Weight Loss and commented:
    Okay, I was working on writing this great heart health related article so I was looking around for ideas. I came across this fantastic blog instead. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is fantastic for your heart. Your heart will be happy when you begin to eat “clean” foods. Take a read and share your opinions below.

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  6. Such a good post! And something I was also going to share with my followers. I have been clean eating for the past week and it is amazing how much energy you gain from doing so. I’ve never been a early riser, but I’ve gotten out of bed early almost everyday this week! I also have had a lot more time to fit in my workouts. It is also a wonderful act of green living without much of the thought. I’m loving it! Keep up your awesome journey!

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  7. This is a great comparison, I know so many of my clients get totally overwhelmed with all of the Paleo hype. I love the emphasis on real food- its what I preach everyday! I’ve been looking around on your blog and I love your standpoint on health and weight loss, its so realistic. I had a similar journey to find a balanced place with my weight and lifestyle. Keep it coming!

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  8. If you’re interested, I’m started up a link party on Tuesdays over at my blog ( where you can share your content and meet other bloggers! I’d love to have you link up!


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