How I fell from the wagon and how I’m getting back

Hello everybody!

Like I promised on my Instagram account, I’m writing something about what happened in the last couple of weeks and months, so here it is. 447391030_640

Technically what happened is that I slowly had more and more difficulty with making healthy choices, which finally ended with being off track for about 2 months. And when I say off track I mean OFF track, like eating junk all day, next to  no mealprepping, no gym. I still tried to keep contact with some of my fit friends and I was still accepting fitbit challenges. Doing that, I got to the point where I realised what needed to be done.

Now the emotional part, because really, my eating is just a way of coping. What I’m going to write now are reasons why I think it went south, you can also interpret them as excuses, anything that works for you is fine by me 🙂 So at the beginning of this year, I started my residency. It was really exciting and something I worked very hard for. I knew it was difficult and very time consuming, but it is what I really want, so I went for it. In april I started working at a very busy ward, came home late, tired and had to endure a lot of stress at work with very sick people. I struggled with the lack of time, where I usually would go to the gym. Slowly, I started to get worse at prepping and gymming and that’s where it really went south.  So stupid, I know, but the mind is stupid sometimes…..

So at one point I felt like this is enough, and I felt like I didn’t feel good in my clothes anymore. I talked with some of my fit friends about it and came to the conclusion that I needed to change my environment. I decided to ditch the scale. I know when I’m on track/off track and don’t need the scale to tell me that. I will slowly feel better in my clothes, which is more important that the number on the scale.

In the end, I’m very happy that I was able to stop before I got to my old weight, which is what happened throughout my life!

11 thoughts on “How I fell from the wagon and how I’m getting back

  1. Relapse is a part of recovery. This is a trend we see in all areas of our life. Don’t be disheartened. First of all you can now see what you need to do. Secondly, and possibly of greater importance, this is an active lesson in why you need to do it. This is something most fit people go through, and is ultimately a very worthwhile learning curve, even if it might be an unpleasant experience at the time.

    When something like this happens with one of my clients, I like to have them perform a quick visualisation exercise. I sit them down, and I ask them to imagine themselves, six months from now, if they stopped eating right and going to the gym. I have them describe to me what they see and feel. I have them tell me why they are feeling that way. Then I ask them to do the same thing, but this time imagine they had eaten immaculately for six months and hit the gym as hard as they could every time they went.

    Knowing you are on the wrong path is a product of knowing what the right path is. This is a luxury not everyone is afforded. Well done for making the most of this luxury and getting back on the right path.

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  2. Well done! You’ve always been such an inspiration and even now you continue to be. You’ve proven that even the very best of us can be side tracked and how incredibly easy it is to fall off the wagon. You can have the best of plans, but life happens to us all.
    Good luck with your new journey, know that many of us are routing for you and we share your highs and low’s
    Astrid aka NicciPage

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  3. Thanks for sharing your journey! There are so many things in life that we need to find time for, create a balance; mistakes are inevitable but we shouldn’t magnify them. If we can learn from them and have the motivation to change, then it’s not a problem. We have always found your posts to be inspiring and motivating and are really glad to see you return to this crazy blogosphere! Best of luck with getting back on track Floordeboor! 🙂

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  4. You are here now. You got this. You know what to do. That for me is the biggest hurdle. And I think it is part of life, to stumble once in a while. That should be okay. I am glad you stopped in the tracks just as things began to go really downhill! Happy to see your blog post again.

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  5. As soon as I saw your post I opened it. I enjoyed reading your updates earlier this year and I wondered how you were. It’s a marathon not a sprint and you’ve got to have some bumps along the way i guess. It’s wonderful that you’ve found love. Perhaps focusing on all the amazing positives will help you as you now get back on track. Don’t beat yourself up about it no matter what you do – you’ve had an amazing journey and it’s not over yet x

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  6. I follow you on IG and now I started reading your blog too. I really feel for you. Like you I am an emotional eater and I have been struggling with my weight since when I was a child. I think you go through extremes, with massive meal prepping and sessions at the gym, or “eating everything all day”. I have recently started meal prepping, and it helps me to keep control, but I understand it’s not easy and not always possible. Also I do it at a lesser extent, which you may apply when you don’t have the time to prep proper meals. I cook batches of 2-3 types of vegetables (in more than one portion each), 4 portions of chicken, boil a few eggs, make sure I have some cheese, pulses and soups. That keeps me going for the week. Every evening I pick and mix whatever I fancy. It’s an easier and less demanding way of meal prepping that you can apply when you feel you don’t have the resources to do it the way you do it now, and may limit the damage should you “fall off the wagon”. If you do fall off the wagon and can’t resist some junk, simply focus on the calories. Weight loss, as you know, is down to calories in/calories out, and as long as you eat healthy food most of the time it’s all good.
    Just some friendly advice which I hope may help you, I know how frustrating this is.
    Good luck and big hugs xxx

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  7. Forgot to tell you the most important thing: how much I think of you for changing your food habits and losing so much weight! And I love your food. A daily inspiration x

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  8. I did the same thing when I met my hubby! I was on track and then I got comfortable and gained the weight back! You are doing awesome by recognizing it now! Love following you girl!


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