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I’m not a great cook or baker. I love to keep it simple. My recipe’s are all created by me or adapted to a point it doesn’t look like the original anymore. Most recipe’s are not completely clean, but all are delicious and filling. I try to calculate nutritional value for everything, not only the pp value.


Oatmeal breakfast (mealprep, 5 servings)




Pumpkin stew (mealprep, 4 servings



Stuffed pepper with mashed sweet potato


Plantain-peanutbutter pattiesPicsArt_1422432782215



Zucchini crust pizza, yum! IMG_20150726_204046



Enchiladas. 1546617039266




Banana-protein bread PicsArt_1422188847215



Protein bars (2sp a piece, 106 kcal) PicsArt_04-27-09.19.28

One thought on “Recipe index

  1. Hi I love your blog. I’m 7stone overweight and can’t exercise as I’ve damaged my ankle. I suffer from PCOS and struggle to lose weight. You’ve done really well and I’m hoping I can follow your meals to help me lose weight. I worry about storing foods that have been pre cooked and I’m trying to go high fibre high protein no meat and no dairy and no sugar. Could you please do a meal prep that’s meat and dairy free high protein with low sugar and fructose free? Thanks and Well Done!


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