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Welcome to my blog! I´m Floordeboor, a 34 year old living in a suburb of Utrecht in the Netherlands. I´m a physician, doing my residency in psychiatry. I have a sister and 2 brothers. My eldest brother has a 6 year old daughter and a 3 year old boy, both so cute and loved. I don’t have a big group of friends, but I do have a couple of amazing people who are very very dear to me. I value a good friendship more than having many superficial friends! I’ve lived and worked in Ghana for half a year during my studies and have been back there a couple of times. I love travelling, especially to African countries, they make me more mellow and laidback and make me appreciate the small things in life.

I started this blog to write down some of my (mealprep)recipes and tips, because I always get a lot of questions about them on Instagram. Let me first tell you something about my weightloss struggles!

I’ve been having trouble with my weight since the age of 10. I was a very active child, eating a lot, but also did sports a lot (athletics, tennis and volleyball) till at one point I got a knee injury and the doctor told me not to exercise for at least a year. I think at that point I started gaining a bit and my parents tried to help by putting me on diets (some of them were really crazy, like drinking yuk juices the whole day). Of course, I also wanted to lose weight and I don’t blame them for it, they did what they could at that time. But it created a very bad relationship with food. I would go and buy sweets after school and eat them secretly in my bedroom. That secret eating and eating my emotions became a habit, and it was very hard to break! Through my adolescence I struggled and went from diet to diet, losing some and gaining more. There was also the point of low self esteem, not thinking you’re good enough, not feeling worthy of things, which also really didn’t help my weight struggles. At one point, I think it was my first year of medical school, I started a crash diet (I know, I should’ve known better). It was a very weird and crazy meal replacement diet that made me lose 45 kg (100 lbs) without exercise and in about 4-5 months. I felt so skinny and so happy with my new cute clothes and all the male attention I got. But I couldn’t even keep the weight of for more than a month, I gained everything back and more! I kept struggling with the weight, and through time and knowledge (and also working in psychiatry, learning more about human behavior), I found myself one evening, sitting on the couch after a long and hard day at work, eating a very disgusting cheesy pizza and drinking wine. I looked at myself and felt so wrong! I was 119 kg (261 lbs), my clothes were tight, I felt tired and wheezy, lived in a mouldy 1-room apartment, it all crashed down on me and I thought: this has to change! I threw away the pizza and wine, cleared my fridge and cabinets of unhealthy food, went to the supermarket to buy healthy food and renewed my Weightwatchers account. This was march 3rd, 2014.IMG_20141105_163141

Up to now (jan 2019) my weight has gone down and up and down and up (lol, that’s the way I roll…), but gained so much! I didn’t only got confidence, a healthier and fitter body, but I also changed other things in my life. I restarted my search for a better house and I finally got a very bright and big 2-bedroom apartment. I went for another round of job interviews for the residency spot (I got rejected in 2013) and my energy, preparation and new found confidence helped me with getting accepted for a spot in 2015!

You might think, wow, how lucky! I think that yeah, there’s a part luck, but also a big part of making myself better, educating myself, and working hard for a life that I want. What really is different now, in comparison with previous weight loss attempts, is the knowledge that it will be a struggle for life! I will always have to watch what I eat and stimulate myself to exercise regularly. And I’m ok with that. Currently I’m still overweight, my goal is still to finally reach my happy weight. I currently don’t weigh myself anymore, but I focus on the things I have to do to lose weight. I really want to feel fit and strong, my workout of choice has been weightlifting from the beginning. So how did I lose the weight? Well, you can read about it in this post and I’ll tell you more about it in the ‘My views on weightloss’ tab, take a look!

Thanks for reading, when you have questions, just ask!


88 thoughts on “About me

  1. Good for you…..glad good things have been coming your way….you also look radiant….I have been trouble getting my weight loss off to a good start…its like 4 steps forward 6 steps backwards…but I love your blog and your ideas….good luck in school….

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  2. Checked out your blog, loving your food prep posts – I’m a huge fan of food prep! Was curious to see where you’re from, found Utrecht on here and had to smile as that’s where my dad was born and raised 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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  3. Thank you for sharing.
    I could never get myself to be that open. I envy you for that…
    Like you, I struggled with my weight as a teen ( I broke an ancle and became less active but had never related it to gaining weight till now…so thanks for that, too. The much younger me hates herself less now and rather forgives herself thanks to you).

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  4. This is a great blog and a great effort. I lost about 115 lbs and it was tough, but the toughest part is keeping it off. That is coming from three years experience after loosing the weight. It is a huge lifestyle change. Here in the United States our entire society seems to be focused on eating, which wouldn’t be so bad, if it was not focused on eating the wrong things. Keep up the good work, and never let yourself get discouraged

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  5. It is an evelasting effort. I lost over a hundred pounds over a couple of years of changing habits as a teenager after many unsuccessful diets.
    I’m happy to say that I managed keeping it 30 years later. So I believe you too will never quit. It’s all in your mind.

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  6. hi- I’ve seen from the comments you’ve already been nominated for one bloggers award, but I’m nominating you for another! I’m fairly new to this so don’t really know how they work, but I really like your balanced approach to health. As a trainer myself I dislike the extreme messages out there and obsessive clean eating, so your healthy attitude is wonderful. Anyway here’s the post where I’ve nominated you: https://thefitnessmonkey.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/one-lovely-blog-award/

    Keep up the good work! ☺️


  7. I found your blog through your instagram and am so inspired! Congrats on all your hardwork!! I’d love to know how you got into yoga / any tips, if you’d like to share?

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    • Thank you! I got into yoga after I did a body balance course at the gym. I love to do it at home, but that’s risky because you can’t really see if you’re doing it right. So my tips would be to at least follow a few lessons and if you really want to do it at home, read a lot about it!


  8. Hallo Floor!

    Wat een razend interessante blog heb je – ik zou je graag iets willen vragen over jouw mooie meal-prep foto’s 🙂

    Zou je mij eventueel een mailtje kunnen sturen zodat ik daar op kan antwoorden?

    Ik hoop het!

    Hartelijks en fijne dag,

    Ernée Derckx


  9. Hi Floordeboor! I’m an editor from FoodNetwork.com — I’m working on a story about meal prep, and would love to feature your blog! Can you send me an e-mail at lpiro@foodnetwork.com? I hope we can connect soon!

    — Lauren


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