How to get abs…..

ab-abominations-1Surprise, you already have them! Or you are some kind of freak of nature, born without abdominal muscles, which would really suck, sorry! Look at this hot example of abs, click on it if you want, it takes you to a great article that I also refer to later in this post.

I read the sentence ‘I just want abs’ all the time and it always creeps me out. Why? Because there is a whole industry based on a lot of nonsense ways to ‘get abs’. The abroller, abtronic, even my gym has its hourly ab-15 minutes. You go to fitness sites and they’ll tell you to do a certain amount of exercises for a certain amount of days and you’ll get abs as a result. Let me tell you, this is all BS!

First of all, by saying ‘I want abs’ most people mean, ‘I want to have a flat and tight stomach with some visible abdominal muscles’. Most abs are covered by insulation (aka fat) so they’re not visible. Training your abdominal muscles till you drop will NOT automatically melt away your stomach fat and show some shizzled abs. Why? Well, abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle: you give them regular heavy training and in time (yes, time….) they will grow a bit and get more definition. Bigger muscles burn more energy, that’s true, but in comparison with the whole body, the abdominal muscles are just tiny and won’t contribute that much to fat burning. You will need other ways to lose your fat and show off your amazing midsection!

Abs are made in the kitchen

Many people write this and though I understand and agree with the thought behind it, technically it is not correct, because you already have abs. The thing is, you need to eat healthier and less calories to lose your fat and at a certain fat % your abdominal muscles will show. This is different for everybody, the same can be said about the way your abdominal muscles look (4pack/6pack)! A much better sentence would be: Abs get trained in the gym and will show itself when you stop putting so much crap in your mouth.

Personally, I would rather call it ‘core muscles’. A strong core is very important for a fit body! Having a strong core will give you great posture and prevent injuries. Training lower back and side muscles is equally important as training your abdominal muscles! Did you know that by doing a lot of free weight and (standing) single arm/single leg exercises, you already train your core? Did you know that doing endless sit-ups doesn’t really take you anywhere? You can read a great article about ab-mistakes over here. If you ‘want abs’ go and read it!

Oh, and if you don’t feel like doing those exercises and reduce eating crap, you can always get ab implants:



15 thoughts on “How to get abs…..

  1. I think current science shows its not how much you eat but what you eat that leads to fat. Carbs are found in lots of places and they lead straight to fat. Quit drinking sweetened drinks including beer and fruit juice. Quit eating bread and potatoes and pasta and rice. You will lose fat if you don’t do another thing. It’s how I lost my spare tire.

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  2. Hot example of abs for sure. I can’t stop drooling. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well that pic definitely got me to read this article. LOL Informative article and I absolutely loved the picture.

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  3. Fully agree. You are so much on par with my own beliefs and philosophy. I have to start reading your archives. Maybe exchange a few notes. I have another week of being really busy. But then I will come up with a plan.

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  4. I’ve learned a lot (but not practised….) from Eric Berg on YouTube. He says that they place our body stores fat has to do with mallfunctioning of the glands and organs. He starts of with saying: you are ‘ill’ and then you become fat. His diets and mineral and vitamin additions help the body to heal and loose fat naturally. I’ve added seeweed (Iodine) to my diet and I feel it is working. Not seeing it on the scale yet but my energy levels have spiked and I my need for procrastinating is slowly changing into a need to want to do stuff en joy in doing them. 🙂 I’m happy!

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  5. Those ab implants look absolutely grotesque.

    You’re completely right that abs are made in the kitchen. No amount of gymwork will sort your fat out if you aren’t eating right. I used to work with a guy who literally made the floor shake as he walked past you. He is the single fattest person I have ever known. Yet he worked out more-or-less every day, HARD. Thing is, he would literally eat whole cakes (birthday cake size!) one after the other at his desk!!!!! I told him that he was never going to get into shape doing that, but he just wouldn’t listen to me…

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  6. Eh gurll, really enjoying the the blog post, keep up the great work. The post really depicts the main stream industry of “abs”. I’ve never done any direct abs training. I get my core strength from doing Olympic style weightlifting, getting all my assistance lifts work from squats, bench, dead lifts, barbell rows, and vertical pressing. Single joint isolation movements should be saved for body building or recovery type training.

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  7. Good stuff. So many people destroy themselves trying to train visible abs versus build true overall strength. Such a crazy little cosmetic feature to get wrapped around the axle over.

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